Sunday, January 23, 2011

San Diego Airport

Chicago Airport

Philadelphia Airport
Barajas (Madrid Airport)

Fun fact, that white suit worn by John Lennon was sold at a Soethby's auction for a lot of money, it did not sell for as much as an authentic Fabrege egg would, but it was like $40,000

Nicely folded, eh?

Plenty of space for everything, though my shirts are a little too long

The living room.  We have a washing machine that dries clothes as well, but it is not that good, therefore, the object to the left of the chair on the left of the picture is the Spanish way of hang drying clothes.


TV with DVD player and CD player to the left.  Our collection of music above.  Oh, and a bowl full of oranges (Godfather anyone?)

The first thing I saw when the door was opened to the flat

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  1. I hope they have posters for you in heaven. God Bless.